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About The Blog

The Background

The use of satellite and drone imagery is taking off in a big way, especially in the agricultural sector. Having been actively involved in the geospatial and remote sensing industry for more than 20 years (as an educator and as a consultant), I have witnessed how the technology has evolved from merely providing data for scientific research into a tool that has practical and business value. 


Lately, I have been receiving many questions (more than usual) from farmers, agronomists and agribusinesses about the true value of remotely sensed imagery for agricultural applications. In this blog, I attempt to answer the most frequently asked questions, demystify some of the technical (sales) jargon and provide some practical examples of the value of remote sensing and other geospatial technologies in agriculture.


Although I focus mostly on agricultural applications, much of the content of this site is also applicable to forestry and environmental applications.


Suggestions for specific topics are always welcome!

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